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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Surrender to Life to see how beautiful it really is

When you can’t do anything about a situation you find yourself in, in Life, simply surrender.

You have probably heard this before. But possibly you have struggled with both the concept and act of surrender. Surrender means to completely give yourself up to Life, to be in a let go! This really is your native state. As an infant, you surrendered yourself to Life. When you were born, you didn’t know your parents. You didn’t know if they will provide for you or not. You did not know where to look for warmth, succour and nourishment. You did not crave for either attention or love. Yet you got everything you needed without even asking for it – or knowing how to ask for it. And that’s because you were worry-free and unwittingly – through your under-developed sense of being – were at Life’s mercy.

To be sure, Life hasn’t changed. You – and I – have. If you let go, and surrender to Life, it will still provide for you and give you all that you need without exception. The reason you find it hard to let go is because your education and intellect come into play. You have come to believe that you must solve all the situations that Life throws at you. So you keep battling with and fighting Life. The harder you fight, the tougher it gets. Because what you resist, will persist! Simple! You must realize that there are only two kinds of problem situations in Life. Those that you can solve and those that, inspite of howmuchever hard you try, you simply cannot solve. For those situations or problems that you can solve, you don’t need to worry. While logically you don’t need to worry about situations that you can’t solve either, your mind will force you to, precisely, worry about them. So, instead of letting go and surrendering to the situation, you will keep fighting it imagining that you are trying to solve it! This is how you create suffering and invite misery into your Life!

Intelligent living is not about applying your intellect to Life. It is about being intelligent enough to know that you must let go when you can’t help or solve a situation! All ancient scriptures talk of the concept of surrender. In Hinduism it is called saranagati. It basically means being in a let-go! But because the wisdom of the scriptures are often expressed through religion, which currently is practised very divisively and needlessly ritualistically, it ends up alienating even those people who may be willing to give the concept a chance.

The path of surrender involves letting go of your ego. It is the state when you realize that the “I”  in you can’t solve a problem or crisis! You are then willing to go with the flow of Life. Even then your Life’s problems may not get solved immediately. But, importantly, you are not fighting them anymore. And when you are not fighting, when you are not resisting, you are peaceful. This is when you will find that Life is beautiful, despite the circumstances you are placed in or faced with. This is when you will know what living really means!

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