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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Learning to be happy despite your circumstances

To be happy simply love whatever comes your way in Life  - even if you don’t want it!

A disciple asked his Master: “Master, how can you love what you don’t want but what you still get in Life?”

The Master replied: “Your very Life has been given to you without your asking, without your wanting it. Haven’t you been born and aren’t you alive despite that? The very same way you have to accept and love whatever comes to you, whatever you get.”

It sure is possible to love what you want in Life. But how can you love what you don’t want? You may wonder: How can you love death? How can you love a grave illness? How can you love betrayal in a relationship or a financial loss? How can you love sorrow, fear and anxiety?

To want or love what you get in Life, you have to understand Life deeply. The meaning of Life is simple – it’s just not in your control! You have been created without your knowledge. Without your asking to be born. Your creation has been a magical event. But you have not known it. You have been created as an embodiment of the Universal Energy. But you hardly see yourself as a part of the cosmos. That’s because the labels of your name, your religion, your education, your economic strata in society, your profession, your income, and many more such labels, have been stuck on you. These labels are the cause of all your desires. Each of your wants is a consequence of your having to live up to the reputation of the label that dominates your Life at a particular time or moment. For example, in reality, you don’t need many of the things that you buy and possess in Life – like a swanky car, a large apartment in a premium neighborhood, expensive jewellery, a club membership and such. But you have them around or desire them because you have a social standing to maintain. Society has packaged you in such a manner that you are acceptable to them. Who you truly are has been buried deep below several layers of those labels or masks. Beneath all of them is the non-wanting, non-desirous, accepting you. When you peel off these layers and get to the real you, you will realize that Life’s best lived by loving what comes, by accepting whatever is given and by flowing with whatever happens.

Wanting your Life to be one way or the other is what causes unhappiness. The truth is that you never caused your Life. And you can never control it. When you internalize this truth, you will discover that it changes the way you look at Life – from wanting Life to be different to loving what is! You will then find the way to live fully, to be happy despite your circumstances!

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