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Monday, September 8, 2014

Idiot or Buddha?

We fuss so much about growing old. Instead can we think about growing up?

If there’s one thing that humankind uniformly obsesses over, it is age. Everyone wants to look younger. But few people want to be wiser. Growing old is mandatory though. If we lay in bed for a whole year, we would be older by a year more. But since growing up is optional, many people gloss over that choice! Hear what Osho, the Master, has to say about this. It is brilliant! “Our whole education is absolutely unaware of the fact that growing up is a different process than growing old. Even idiots grow old; only Buddhas grow up.” Growing up is not about knowledge and qualifications. It is about going within, connecting with your source, your core, your Self. When you delve deeper you will find value in the silence that will greet you there. And the peace that you discover inside you, in that silence, that peace makes you a Buddha.

So, idiot or Buddha? Make your choice today!

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