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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why fear a God than love one?

Don’t let anyone feed your insecurities and fuel your fears. Because that’s what society wants: to keep you enslaved to your worries and anxieties.

One of the first things we are taught as children is to be God-fearing. My grandma used to encourage me to eat my food or avoid telling lies by saying, “Swami vanthu kanna kuththum”. Meaning, God will come and gorge out your eyes if you don’t finish your meal or if you say lies. How gory can that be? Hardly Godly! Resultantly, most of us are brought up fearing an external God who will punish us for any transgressions.

But how can God be both merciful and fearful at the same time? Have you ever wondered why you have not been encouraged to be God-loving? As you grow up, enter adulthood, the whole spectre of SIN looms large over you. If you drink it is a sin. If you have sex it is a sin. If you as much as not pray it is a sin. Then Life becomes, in due course, a challenge for most of us. What all this God-fearfulness does is it makes us insecure to the point that we lean on the crutches of religion, abstinence (weekly fasting to propitiate the divine!) and God-men/God-women! This is bizarre.

You – and I – were not born basis a religion. You were not brought up because you chose a society, a standard of living or a way of Life. Then why become victims and slaves of what society wants you to do? Deal with Life, its beauty, its challenges, its pain, its joys, its insecurities and its abundance in your own way. Be free. Because it is your Life. When you experience Life for what it is than what others make you believe it is, you will see a God, your God, within you! Then you will appreciate the value of being God-loving!                                                              

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