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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You decide what you want out of your problems

Your problems can lead you to either suffering or joy.  Problems causing joy? Is it possible at all? Indeed it is.

You, and only YOU, can decide what you want out of your problems. The immediate response to a problem situation is denial. And despite your denying, the problem doesn’t go away. So you start getting angry, frustrated, depressed and eventually start suffering. Does your problem go away with your suffering? It only breeds newer problems – physical ailments, depression, poor decision-making and a perpetual state of ‘grumpiness’!

Let’s get this straight. Problems will be there. Whether you like it or not. If you are born and are living__as we all are__your Life WILL have problems. The tenure and intensity of problems may vary, but there cannot be a time in your lifetime that you DO NOT have ANY problems! Since this is true, as you would have realized about your Life by now, what is so intelligent about grieving over your problems? Isn’t it far more a mature and intelligent response to think of your problems as an opportunity to challenge yourself__to find joy where others find suffering?

Take time to understand your situation, your predicament, from all dimensions. Understand further that you cannot solve anything in a nano-second and that sometimes you have to live with your problem. This acceptance will NOT take your problem away, but will help you deal with it better. When you operate from the core of your inner joy, you feel the pain, but you don’t suffer. If you have a physical condition you may be writhing in pain, but your sense of joy will not allow the pain to cripple your soul. If you are in an emotional trauma – someone dies, someone betrays you – your joy will not allow the loss, the deceit to affect your mindfulness. Not to say that your thoughts won’t go back to the one who is no more or pine for an understanding where a misunderstanding prevails, but you will be able to rein in your thoughts and look at what is than what should or would have been!

Of all the moments that make up your lifetime, it is this choice to find joy in times of suffering, that makes the difference between “living” those moments and “enduring” a lifetime!

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