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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To suffer is a personal choice you make

You don’t have to suffer anything in Life unless you choose to and want to! Many people complain that they have no Life, that they have sacrificed their careers and their dreams, because they wanted to please someone else. It could have been to please parents or a spouse or a sibling. They lament that because of the choice they made they are unhappy with the way their Life is. Well, it must have been amply evident that their choice would have led them to unhappiness – because whatever we do that we don’t want or like to do, will only make us unhappy!

The seeds of each outcome or result is always sown in the action itself. The decision to suppress your aspiration, because you wanted to please someone or did not know how to stand your ground, or both, was the seed of unhappiness that you sowed. Remember, you always have the choice of standing your ground – and therefore staying happy!

To be sure, there is no danger in standing your ground. There is greater risk in suffering. The Cosmic Design is such that several times in a lifetime it will put you in a corner, under the spotlight, with familial, emotional, financial, even religious pressures forcing you to capitulate. You know that what you have set out to do and what you are fighting for will be right in the end for everyone involved, but you give up and give in. Whether it is in wanting to pursue a career that you want for yourself or a choosing a companion you think is a soul-mate or speaking your mind in your family over estranged relationships and financial issues, whatever it may be, if you want inner peace, stay with your idea, ideology and position. Only ensure that whatever stand you take is good for all parties involved in the longer-term even if there is a short-term pain that everyone has to face. Don't grieve. Don't try to either impress or suppress. Just express yourself and keep walking in the direction of your duty and dream. And when you eventually stand vindicated, never say, 'I told you so'. Just be happy and grateful for an outcome that is good for everyone.

On the other hand, just giving up or giving in, because you don't want to 'hurt' or 'offend' anybody and then sulking and suffering in silence is hardly an intelligent choice. Remember that in whatever state you are in, in Life, you will never have to suffer anything unless you want to! So stand your ground, stand in bliss, stand for peace and prosperity__for all.

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