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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Learn to get better at dealing with problems

Your problems do have expiry dates – except you don’t know what they are! So the best you can do is to endure your problems patiently and, over time, get better at dealing with them.

When a problem lingers on, it is but natural to feel frustrated and depressed with the situation. After all, who wants a cancer that cannot be cured or who wants to be out of job for months on end or who wants a messy relationship that shows no signs of resolving? But feeling depressed because you have an enduring problem is of no use. It’s definitely not going to make your problem go away!

What you must realize is that, surely, each of your problems will end one day. The new problem however is that you can never have an idea when each one will end. So, the best way to deal with problems is to be patient, accept them for what they are, and keep relentlessly chipping away at them, trying to find solutions. Over time, even if your problem remains unresolved, you would have at least got better learning to deal with them. The other reality is that when one problem goes away another will appear – sooner than later. Such is the nature of Life. You can’t ever expect a phase in your Life when you will have no problems.

Living intelligently is really the art of being happy despite your problems, despite your circumstances. That art, like any other, can be developed with consistent practice. A deeper awareness of the impermanence of everything, including Life itself, definitely helps. So, stop wanting to either solve all your problems or wanting to know when you can be rid of them. Just do what you can do best in every (problem) situation; over time, watch yourself getting better at dealing with your Life and your problems, and simply be happy! 

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