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Friday, August 29, 2014

Life cannot be fixed. It has to be faced and lived!

Life is pretty simple. Don’t complicate it by over-analyzing it.

Last week I met with someone who is a practitioner of new-age methods of healing. He had heard my “Fall Like A Rose Petal” Talk and reached out to me. He said he would analyze the water content in my body, study how my body responded to sound and recommend ways in which I could revive my business and career. “I will bring you back on track,” he suggested, reassuringly.

I politely declined his offer citing lack of time to engage with his proposition. But he persisted. I had to then tell him what I felt about what he was recommending I do. “I am already on track. I am anchored in faith and patience. I am aware that my business and career need to revive urgently. And I prefer working on my business than on attempting to change my Life design,” I said. The gentleman took the cue and backed off.

I don’t have anything against religions, rituals, conventional forms of prayer, astrology, Vaastu, Feng Shui, gemology or even science (for methods like the one this gentleman was recommending). I have tried all of those and have discovered that our individual Life designs are pre-planned, pre-ordained and are unalterable. We have to go through whatever is in our design. So, the best way to live Life is to live accepting whatever comes our way!

Indeed some of the methods we seek, or are advised to follow, do help us to be peaceful. But they can’t alter the course of our lives. What is ordained will happen. If we resist what is happening, we will suffer. If we accept whatever is happening, while there will undoubtedly be pain, there won’t be any suffering. When you are not suffering, you can focus better. And despite the pain you can be at peace.

My astrologer, a very wise man, who, at 85, is a Master in his own field, taught me this: “Astrology cannot alter the course of your Life. It can at best tell you about the weather conditions and tell you how long the storm or sunshine will last.” This is so contrarian to what most practitioners of astrology – or other methods and sciences – claim out there. Which is why, people like you and me, fall prey to them.

Actually there’s no point blaming anyone in today’s highly commercialized world. We must pause to reflect and examine if we are being sensible when we expect to someone or something to “correct” our lives when we are faced with a challenge. The truth is that Life cannot be fixed. It has to be faced. It has to be lived. It is through the experience of facing and living – and learning from – Life that we grow and evolve. It is when we grow and evolve that we understand that Life is simple. It is then that we realize that we complicate Life by wanting it to different from what it is. When we awaken to this realization, we will drop all our wants, we will let go, and then, we will be truly peaceful and happy!

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