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Monday, October 21, 2013

Faith means Fearlessness

You can have faith or you can be in fear. You can’t have both!

Human beings are the only aspect of creation that can think – and hence we know that death awaits us sometime in the future. So starting with the fear of death, we fear every outcome that we dislike. Again humans are the only species that is religious – and so there are matters of faith for all of us that are sacrosanct. So, the question really is, why is it that we go on fearing, something or the other, while claiming that we have faith?

Now there is nothing wrong with fear or with being in fear. It is a natural emotion. You must allow it to rise within you. But you must also understand it completely. What are you afraid of? Examine your fear. And replace your fear with faith. Now, by popular definition and conditioning, faith is in an external, all-powerful God – the one who has created you and the Universe. So, if there is an acceptance in you that this God is more powerful than you, and which is why you have faith in this God, then why fear anything that may happen to you? Even more simply, since your creation, this lifetime, is a gift to you – you didn’t ask to born, right? – you must believe that you will be looked after and provided for by Life, or if you like, by your God. When you understand this, you will understand that the fear, anxiety, worry, apprehension in you is futile.

True fearlessness is not just your ability to face up to anyone or any situation in Life. True fearlessness is not the ability to take risks or to claim that you are not afraid of death. True fearlessness is the absence of fear – caused by a complete understanding of Life, of creation. It means knowing that there is no point in being attached or fear losing anything impermanent, perishable – and that includes Life itself. True fearlessness is faith. It makes living interesting and blissful!

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