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Monday, April 22, 2013

Count till you are done!

Try this simple exercise this Monday morning on your commute to work!

Count the number of people you wish to thank for bringing you (up) this far in Life, up to this moment of reading this Post. When you are done, please share that number as a comment to this Post or simply jot it down somewhere. (PS: recounting and revision is allowed!) This exercise provides an opportunity to break free from the 'I, me, mine' trap and is a lesson in gratitude. Saying "Thank You!" is the best prayer....

On your drive back home, this evening, reflect on the exercise and on what those people you thanked have done for you…….

As you fall off to sleep later tonight, examine how you feel. Feeling overwhelmed, humbled, grateful and stress-free are both assured and intended outcomes of each part of this exercise!

Have a wonderful, grateful week ahead!

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