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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hissssss…when you must!

To be spiritual and loving does not mean to be meek and submissive. On the other hand it means to be firm, stoic and resolute in everything that one does.

An interesting story from the Life of Gautama Buddha should throw some light on what seems like a challenging paradox. Gautama was once walking through a village with some of his disciples. A snake crawled up to him and falling at his feet begged of the Awakened One to help him. The snake pleaded, "Those kids out there don't let me play with them because they think I am poisonous. So, will you please rid me of my poison and transform me?" Gautama smiled and blessed the snake, who lost his poisonous self instantaneously. A few weeks later Gautama and his disciples were passing through the same village, returning from their travels, when the snake came up to the Buddha once again. He was sad and completely heart-broken. Gautama petted him and wanted to know the cause of his agony. The snake lamented, "Those kids, O! Learned One, still don't believe that I am not poisonous. They don't let me play with them and worse, they are hitting me with a stick." The Buddha quizzes in response, "So, why didn't you show them your fangs?" "But you removed them O! Buddha and made me non-poisonous," replies the snake. Gautama smiles and chides the snake thus: "Sure I did my dear one. But I didn't also ever advise you not to hiss!" 

By being loving you don't need to necessarily allow anyone to trample upon you or take you for granted. Be calm. Be caring. Be forgiving. But be sure to hiss when you must!

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